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Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC)

Nerd 2007. 11. 19. 00:16

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MBA강의실에서 강조하는 가장 중요한 판매전략의 하나인 엘리베이터 피치(Elevator Pitch, 잠재고객과 엘리베이터에 같이 탑승했을 때 같이 있는 30초~60초 동안 제품을 설명하고, 잠재고객에게 호감을 얻어 명함을 주고 받으면 엘리베이터 피치에 성공했다고 함) 컨테스트를 개최했다.

10월13일 개최된 Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC)의 총 상금규모는 $10,000 (1등상 : $2,500). 미국내 여러 대학(MIT, Harvard, Princeton, etc.)에서 참석한 참석자는 170명이나 되었다.

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엘리베이터 피치는 5개의 구조화된 피치로 구성된다:
1. state the problem;
2, state your solution;
3, state who you are and why you're the one to solve the problem;
4, state the value proposition;
5, state the call to action.

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“A successful elevator pitch communicates a sense of value, empathy, and urgency,” says Ken Morse, managing director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. “It quantifies the value proposition clearly and combines thorough sales and market research.”

What else makes a great pitch? According to Gaetan Bonhomme, MBA '08, one of the EPC organizers, a perfect pitch is one that not only conveys the essence of an idea in simple and direct terms, it is tailored to the specific audience you are pitching to.

The EPC also offered competitors an important opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs and exchange ideas, ideas that may evolve into $100K competition contenders.

Next business idea competition is the MIT $100K Executive Summary Contest. The deadline is November 29.

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