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The top 10 wireless trends for 2008

Nerd 2008. 3. 30. 23:47

2007년의 Wireless Industry의 키워드가 iPhone의 데뷰와 Verizon Wireless의 망개방 등이었다면,2008년 Wireless 트렌드 Top 10은 안드로이드폰, 모바일광고시장, 카메라폰과 사진업로드, WiMAX, GPS, 터치스크린 폰, Enhanced LBS 등이라고 Fourtune이 선정했군요.

1. Wireless networks will remain the domain of wireless operators
2. The first Android phones hit the market
3. Cameraphones will get even fancier
4. Mobile ads will come to a cell phone screen near you
5. WiMax will become available
6. Openness will continue to dominate the wireless lexicon
7. Nokia will become a major mobile software player
8. Enhanced LBS
9. More touchscreens
10. Silicon Valley will become a wireless industry hot spot

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