Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail 본문


Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail

Nerd 2008. 6. 18. 17:59

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Buck이라는 버클리 학생이 트위터(Twitter) 덕분에 이집트감옥에서 나올수 있었다는 얘기가 있네요.

구금상황에서 Buck이 남긴 "Arrested."라는 메세지가 미국내 친구 및 이집트에 있는 트위트친구들에게 공유되면서 석방되었다는 일화..

 "폰중계", "공유", "전파" 기능이 있는우리나라의 tossi서비스도 이런 성공 일화가 나왔으면 좋겠다.

(CNN) -- James Karl Buck helped free himself from an Egyptian jail with a one-word blog post from his cell phone. Buck, a graduate student from the University of California-Berkeley, was in Mahalla, Egypt, covering an anti-government protest when he and his translator, Mohammed Maree, were arrested April 10.
On his way to the police station, Buck took out his cell phone and sent a message to his friends and contacts using the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The message only had one word. "Arrested."

Within seconds, colleagues in the United States and his blogger-friends in Egypt -- the same ones who had taught him the tool only a week earlier -- were alerted that he was being held.


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