MIT SLOAN admission Road Show 본문

MIT Sloan

MIT SLOAN admission Road Show

Nerd 2007. 10. 2. 23:25
매년 MBA스쿨마다 어드미션 로드쇼가 있습니다. 어드미션 커미티와 얼굴을 익힐수 있는 절호의 기회를 놓치지 마시기 바랍니다.

MIT Sloan 입학 설명회

일시 :  2007년 10월 5일 7:00 - 9:00
장소 : 강남 GS 타워 25층

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Seoul MIT Sloan on the Road


MIT Sloan-on-the-Road is our way of bringing MIT Sloan to you. Join us while we share with you the highlights and excitement of the MIT Sloan MBA program. Learn about what makes MIT Sloan special. Hear from the alumni—the people who know it best. Experience the MBA day through the eyes of our students and the video they have made especially for you.

You and your significant other are invited to attend any of the events we will be hosting around the world.




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