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Conversations with Jack Welch

Nerd 2007. 10. 3. 07:13

잭웰치가 다음학기('08 spring)부터 슬론에서 강의를 합니다. 6학점이구 수강가능인원이 30명이라는 군요. 이 강의 들으려면 bidding을 엄청해야겠네요. 후배들은 참 좋겠습니다.

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사진은 작년 잭웰치 초청강연때 찍은겁니다.

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I am delighted to announce that Jack Welch, legendary former CEO of GE, will be offering a six-unit, pass/fail course at MIT Sloan this fall.  The course, titled "Conversations with Jack Welch," will be built around Jack's recent book, Winning. Enrollment will be limited to 30 graduate students who are interested in leading people and organizations effectively. Additional information will be announced later in the semester.  Please join me in welcoming Jack to the MIT Sloan community!

Dick Schmalensee

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